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Upgrade Your Anet A-6 Hobby Printer To Professional Grade With OneZ Converter Kit
An Anet A6 printer uses a stepper motor on each Z axis screw. Both motors use microstepping to achieve small layer height. Problem is, microstepping was developed for smooth movement, not for accuracy. The two motors can not possibly remain in sync with each other. By the top of your print job, the extruder is no longer level with the bed. Over mulitple prints this accumulates to where the first layer no longer sticks to the bed on the high side.

The OneZ Upgrade Kit syncs the two screws with a timing belt, guaranteeing that the extruder and bed remain level for the life of the printer. Installing the kit is a half-hour job:
  • relevel once again so the extruder is level with the bed
  • remove both Anet acrylic top plates
  • install a pulley and o-ring on each screw
  • loop the belt over both screws
  • install the OneZ top plates (bearings are already press fit into the panels)
  • install the two idler assemblies and adjust the belt tension
  • tighten the pulley set screws
  • unplug one of the printer's Z stepper motors. (one motor can easily operate both screws)
It's that simple!
Instruction sheet included with the Kit.

Kit includes 2 3D printed top panels, 2 pulleys, 2 bearings, 2 o-rings, 2 idler assemblies, 1 belt.
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