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3dWrx is a design and development shop. Over the last 5 years we have designed and developed more than 18 3D printers and shared them with the open source community at OpenBuilds.com (View List)

Our most popular designs built by members of the community have been:

The 3dWrx brand of printers pioneered the Posi-Drive Leveling concept, which completely eliminates bed leveling problems. With the Posi-Drive concept, auto-leveling systems are obsolete. Bed leveling problems occur because it is simply impossible to keep two Z axis motors in sync with each other. Stepper motors are not designed with that kind of accuracy. Posi-Drive uses only one Z axis motor which is synced to the two Z axis screws with a timing belt. Users report printing over 5,000 with consistently level beds.

3dWrx/WrxWare LLC projects are supported by contributions from the open source community.
That support is crucial for continuing development.

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