1Frame Assembly
2Underside Assembly
3Z Axis Assembly
4Build Plate Assembly
5Heat Bed Assembly
6Install & Level X Axis
7Extruder Assembly
8Mount X Drive Assembly
9X Axis Wiring
10PSU Wiring
11MKS-Gen Board/Test Printer
12Complete Control Box
Extruder Assembly
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1E3D V6 J-Head Extruder
1NEMA 17 Motor
1MK8 Drive Gear
1Trimmed PTFE Tube
125mm PTFE Tube
2M4 x 10mm Set Screws
1625 2RS Bearing
2M3 x 10mm Screws
1M3 x 25mm Socket Head Screw
2M3 x 30mm Socket Head Screw
1M5 x 15mm Screw
2M5 x 25mm Screws
1M5 x 45mm Socket Head Screw
1M5 x Nut
1M5 x 3mm Spacer
1Extruder Spring

7-1 Mount Fin Body to Extruder Body
Place two M5 x 25mm screws in the extruder body for later mounting the body to the X carriage. Push the fin body into the extruder body until it seats.

7-2 Position PTFE Tubing
Place an M4 X 10mm set screw in the slot, then a trimmed PTFE tube, then another M4 X 10mm set screw. The set screws do not screw into anything. When the Keeper is installed (next step), the screw threads grip the PTFE to keep it from retracting when filament moves upwards.

7-3 Position Keeper
Insert two M3 x 30mm socket head screws in the outer holes of the keeper and push the keeper onto the extruder body. Screw the M3 x 10mm screw into the keeper's top center hole and the M3 x 10mm screw into the bottom hole. Do NOT screw these in tight yet, just get them securely started.

7-4 Attach EX Stepper Motor
Slide the MK8 drive gear onto the EX motor shaft. Position the gear's set screw so you can tighten it into the shaft's flat. Position the motor with the wiring downward and using the two M3 x 30mm socket head screws, attach the motor. With the motor securely attached, tighten the keeper's bottom center screw, then tighten the top one just until you feel it against pressure. The top screw impinges the set screws against the PTFE tube and too tight will cause a restriction in the tube. Move the drive gear so the arc of the PTFE tube is centered in the gear's groove and tighten the gear's set screw tightly.

7-5 Install Shaft Knob
The shank of the shaft knob has a slot in it. That slot needs to be rotated 180 degrees from the motor shaft's flat. Push the knob onto the shaft. Lock fingers of two hands together and press motor and knob between palms.

7-6 Assemble Tension Lever 1
Push a 25mm long piece of PTFE tubing down the guide hole (insert a 1.5mm hex key in the PTFE to push with). Secure the 625 2RS bearing to the lever with a M5 x 15mm screw. Trim the PTFE with a Xacto knife.

7-7 Assemble Tension Lever 2
Push the M5 x 45mm socket head screw down the hole, add the spring, spacer and M5 nut. Do not tighten, leave nut at bottom of screw.

7-8 Install Tension Lever
Use an M3 x 25 socket head screw to position and attach the lever to the motor.

7-9 Attach To X Carriage
Using the two M5 x 25mm screws inserted into the extruder body's flange earlier, attach the assembly to the X carriage tightly.